Narcissistic Abuse Therapy




Speak with someone who gets it

Being in a relationship with a narcissistic personality is likely to leave you struggling with confidence and struggling with persistent questions, such as, “How come nobody understands what I'm going through?”, “How can I trust again?”, “Why can't I be like other people?”, “How did this happen to me?”. I will help you to better understand yourself, your relationship and what has/is happening to you. This will ease your emotional pain and begin your healing so that you can live your life your way once more.

Walking on eggshells, feeling emotionally numb, and not trusting your own judgement or memory.  You may be experiencing difficulties sleeping, headaches and unexpected weight loss. You can remember that once you were full of vim, focussed on goals and sure about your direction in life, but now you lack energy, find yourself isolated and even have thoughts of not wanting to be here. All you want to do, no matter what, is to please the person who seems to care about you so much, if only you could just meet their expectations.


Whether it's a parent, a partner, a sibling, a friend or your boss or even tutor, you know that something is wrong, but it is hard to get anyone to understand. As a therapist specialising in narcissistic abuse therapy, I can help you to understand what has happened to you and support you towards living your life your way once more. 




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