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 Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

Live Life Therapy: Inclusive - respectful - confidential

Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by painful feelings that we don't understand. We suspect that we are not normal and wish we could be happy like everyone else. Relationships, work, and just enjoying life feels impossible. Whatever you are experiencing, I would like to help you on your healing journey.

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Helping you live your life, your way

Working at your pace, offering a non-judgemental, safe space my aim is to work with you to understand the root of your uneasiness, to help increase your self-awareness, improve your self-esteem and enable you to address what is preventing you from living your life, your way.

My specialist areas are narcissistic abuse therapy, childhood and adult trauma therapy. My way of working is focused on the individual, their experience and how they connect with the world. It is a holistic approach which pays attention to physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing which all play a part in mental health. My experience includes working with people who are suffering with depression anxiety, low self-esteem, rumination and procrastination, identity issues to mention just a few conditions that affect us all.




A safe place for you

Live Life Therapy is a supportive encouraging space where you are invited to speak openly and your voice will be heard. Sessions are online using a secure platform, so you can receive compassionate therapy in the comfort of a private place of your choosing. Being online means you do not need to travel and can be located anywhere with Wi-Fi connection to work with me. I am accustomed to working nationally and internationally. Whether you are looking for narcissistic abuse therapy, trauma therapy or need help with any mental health difficulty, I would like to hear from you today and help you on your healing journey.

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