Trauma Therapy




Dealing with trauma together

 Traumatic events are a universal experience. Childhood trauma need not have been disturbing to affect us into adulthood.  As children we fear our fallible carers might abandon us, feel certain our behaviour causes irreparable disagreements and even that we are really stupid.  Parents might be overly controlling, with expectations that are not our own.  An ordinary upbringing, by well-meaning parents can leave us to have a warped view of ourselves.




Helping you with trauma therapy

Trauma in Childhood that threatens our physical, psychological and/or emotional existence will force us to behave in a mature manner before we are ready. We brilliantly develop coping mechanisms that get us into adulthood.  They keep us safe enough, but become problematic over time. How do you break a habit you are not aware you even have? How can you trust that the world is a safe place when your experiences have shown you that it is not? How do you trust? Let me help you put aside old defunct coping mechanisms and help you find a more authentic way to live your life. As a trauma therapy specialist, I will work with you and help you.

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