Traumatic events are a universal experience. Our services can help a variety of issues through different therapy options.


Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

For specialist narcissistic abuse therapy, and a range of skilled counselling services, contact me by emailing or call directly on 07818 572900.  more  

Individual therapy

Live Life Therapy aims to help regain and build self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness to allow space for a more authentic you.  more  

Group Therapy

You will be relieved to realise that you are not alone. Please contact me to find out about upcoming group work.  more  

Couples’ Counselling

What difficulty are you facing in your relationship? Give me a call and see how I can help.  more  

School Therapist

Early intervention builds resilience, avoids future difficulties and improves student performance. What support would best help your school embed good mental health?  more